Stay Awhile: Poetic Narratives About Multiculturalism and Diversity
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Teaching Experience

Boyer Valley Community School Dunlap, Iowa

Teacher, Coach 2000- Present
also Website Coordinator/District Newsletter Production

•8th grade Civics
•7 Art, 8 Art
•9-12 Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Digital Photography, & Senior Art Portfolio
•9-12 Newspaper, Yearbook, Computer Graphics, & Web Design/Programming
•MS Cheer, Varsity Cheer

Los Angeles Lutheran Jr/Sr High School Sylmar, California

Teacher, Coach 1993-2000

•11 U.S. History
•7/8 Art, Newspaper
•9-12 Drawing, Painting, 3D Art/Sculpture
•Yearbook Advisor
•MS Cheer, Varsity Cheer

Trinity Lutheran Middle School Reseda, California

Teacher 1993-1994

•7th grade Religion, Geography
•9th grade World History
•7-9th grade Art
•Yearbook Advisor

Additional work experience

Lyon Publishing/Enterprise Publishing Mapleton, Iowa

Contributor, Graphic Designer
Summers/Intermittent 2002- 2008

•Ad Sales Representative
•Layout/Page Design & Production
•Tee-Shirt Design